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The simplest way to design your perfect invoice template!

Runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows7


FreshBooks is a service of 2ndSite Inc

Choose a ready made invoice template or start with an empty invoice template sheet


Customize it as you wish, rename fields, add new columns, add your logo, whatever, everything is customizable


Connect to your invoicing system to download your invoices or set a local folder as your data source


Print or export to PDF your invoices with the new design


With InvoiceDesigner you don’t have to stop using your existing invoicing system, you do your work exactly as before, just your invoices look much prettier!


At the moment only FreshBooks is supported, but many more will come soon!


InvoiceDesigner can help you even if you are just starting your business and you aren’t tied to any invoicing system. With a little bit of XML you can define your invoice structure and connect it to an invoice template.

InvoiceDesigner is not limited to designing only invoice templates. You can design and print estimates or custom reports. All you need is your data in XML form and appropriate template design. Then just connect the XML nodes to the invoice template and you’ll have a perfect report designer!

Works like an addon
Or standalone
Easy to use & flexible

Easily draw controls on the invoice template sheet, set properties as Back Color, Font, etc.

Define your own XML data sources and connect the invoice template to it.

Don't make compromises with your invoice template design. Let your customers know you are a professional and make them rush to pay your invoice!